Sunset Lakes Florida

Where to Stay

Sunset Lakes Dock & Big Lake

Sunset Lakes offers its guests an unforgettable vacation experience, whether they are the so called “snow birds” escaping the winter blues or multi-family parties taking the kids to Disney for the first / second/ third or fourth time. That’s the thing about Florida once is never enough; guests just can’t help coming back time and time again.

The community has homes to suite every possible requirement, whether you are looking for high-end luxuries such as jukeboxes, sixty-inch plasma screens or the latest games consoles to homes that are homely and comfortable. Staying in a vacation home is all about space, kids need space -- and adults need space to get away from the children. Vacations can be stressful; returning to a hotel room after a long day at the parks with tired and overexcited children is my idea of hell.

Staying in a vacation home is just so much more relaxing. When the kids want to play in the pool all you need to do is grab your book, pick up a drink and settle into one of the comfortable sun loungers round the pool as they play under your watchful gaze. That is something you just can’t do in a hotel.

With homes from three to six beds, we have single homes able to cater for six to fourteen guests. Sunset Lakes is a close nit community and homeowners often cooperate with each other in order to accommodate bigger parties, it is not unusual for homes next to each other to be booked in order to facilitate this.

Our community is an oasis that provides the perfect place to get away from the madness of the parks. Nothing is nicer than sitting round the pool watching the world pass you by as you plan your next theme park adventure.